Welcome to your Equestrian Movement Journey

Hi! I’m Debbie, Equestrian Movement Educator, Human and Equine Sports Therapist and Writer.
I am based in a rural village in Dorset, UK after having 12 fabulous years down under in New Zealand.

Most days you can find me moving my body and educating riders on how to move theirs, and their horses, away from pain and towards more functional movement. When I am not ‘hands on’ with clients I am producing content and courses for my online community and creating articles for magazines in the UK and NZ. Having days that require more computer work means that I have to practice what I write and keep my body moving throughout the day ( by the way, having a Jack Russell puppy as a new family member sure does help to keep the ‘movement moments’ alive and well..!).

As my journey into sports therapy has evolved,  my focus has too, and I now work on Movement Education for horse and rider. I believe that the way in which the body is moved (horse and rider) throughout the day is the biggest predictor of pain, dysfunction and injury.

With the horse, there is no middle ground; each step he takes under saddle has the potential to strengthen his body correctly, or contribute to the cycle of breakdown.
For you, the rider, your patterns of movement throughout the day will determine how much pain you will experience to how well you can sit in the saddle to how easily you can get in and out of the car.

The main aim for me is to show riders how to move their bodies every day through moves and postures that build the body in the right way, re-instate mobility where it should be and allow you to ride and move through life with less pain. I was never taught how my body should be held/moved and I am pretty sure none of you were either, but having battled with scoliosis which is painful and restrictive, and finding a way of moving that has strengthened and mobilised my entire body, I know that I can help you move your body into a more comfortable place too.

My intention is that db Muscle Therapy will be your hub of information to empower you on how to move your own body out of pain, and to give you insight on how you can move your horses body to effect positive change. 

So who am I?!

I have had an equestrian career that has taken me from grooming to riding to coaching to lecturing and eventually to sports therapy, which has seen me work in a number of countries across the world.

I founded db Muscle Therapy in 2009, since then the business has grown beyond my wildest hopes and has provided me with tremendous opportunities.

I was so privileged to work as a soft tissue therapist at London 2012, and to be sports therapist for the NZ Para Equestrian Team for London 2012 and WEG 2014.

I work regularly with Olympic athletes in Germany and I have been a part of the health team for clients across all disciplines, from all abilities from amateur to Olympic level.



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