When we see someone accomplished at something; think professional riders, tennis players, swimmers etc they have a high level of what we know and label as skill. But how did they get there? How did they acquire that skill? It comes from learning a TECHNIQUE, which then becomes an accomplished […]

Technique Before Skill

‘How would you like to feel?’ I saw this written on the side of some hand wash. It may be a slightly ambitious point of thought for hand wash, but nevertheless it did make me think. It is easy to disregard the luxury of feeling well, when we are feeling […]

How Would You Like to Feel?

When you learnt how to ride a bicycle you needed stabilisers; extra wheels to give you support and some ‘stability’. Only then could you actually move the bicycle forwards without toppling over. What we know about mobility within the body is that for the joints to move freely, they first must […]

Getting Anchored to Move Ahead

For most people, the Psoas muscle is habitually sitting in a contracted position; it is too tight. But for some, this mighty muscle may just be a little long, stretched and weak. A weak and overstretched psoas will allow the pelvis to be thrust forwards, coming in front of the ribs. […]

The (Less Than) Mighty Psoas

You have, no doubt, come across this muscle ‘the Psoas’ but I wanted to talk about it as it plays such a significant role in the functioning of our hips, and it also effects how well our glutes can do their job as well, which means, overall that it has […]

The Mighty Psoas

‘It’s not the camera that makes a great picture, it’s the person holding it that creates the magic’ Well, this might be true, but it’s not until you have stepped out of ‘Automatic Mode’ and started making decisions on how that camera is going to operate until you really unleash […]

Rider’s Digest; Know Your Kit

Is this the longest title in the history of titles? Maybe.   Anyway. The puppy.     It’s easy isn’t it? To judge. To be righteous. To assume you have more skill than someone else. That you were actually born a dog whisperer. Or a child whisperer for that matter, […]

What I have learnt after 2 weeks with a Jack ...

When tension is met with tension things grind to a halt.   Tug of war, business negotiations and muscles around joints. When there is tension on both sides, no one wins.   Riding horses can be loaded with tension, how are you meeting it and can you do something different? […]

Tension vs Tension

What are you Creating?   Historically, you may have believed that to be any sort of rider you had to bleed from your eyeballs, tape up your knuckles and be ready to do battle. Recent years has, thankfully, shown us that grace and harmony is not only possible, but actually […]

What Are You Creating?

Posture, it can become that blah blah blah topic that everyone with a glimmer of a fitness certificate keeps harping on about. Well as boring as it may seem, posture has the potential to set you up for success, or send you down the rabbit hole of pain, dysfunction and […]

Neutral Spine and Postural Reset