‘Wait, don’t make me laugh yet, I have to draw my tummy button to my spine’ said no-one. Ever. Pulling the tummy button in towards the spine became the preset move for all exercise programmes, in the hope that by activating the muscles required to do so would help protect […]

Please Release Your Tummy Button

If you so much as whisper the word ‘core’ to a rider, chances are you will get an elaborate display of eye rolling, accompanied with either a slightly aggressive response ‘feel these abs, just feel them!’ or a ‘I don’t want to do anymore sit ups’ in a toddler tantrum […]

Redefining the Core

  As a horse owner, you will see and look at your horse every day. Probably more than once. You look at him when you are feeding, grooming, tacking up, hosing off, rugging, etc but are you really SEEING him? When you see something or someone every day, sometimes multiple […]

Do you really SEE your horse?

How are your hips treating you? Do they scream at you every time you get out of the car, or try to swing your leg over the saddle? Maybe they cramp up a little when your instructor insists it’s a leg exercise day, in the saddle. Maybe they are generally […]

Hip Hip Hooray…?

  Thankfully, remembering to breathe doesn’t have to be on our daily ‘to do’ list, or scheduled in our phones with a reminder alongside other chores; ‘10am groceries. 10.30am breathe ‘ Our day would be fraught with mundane chores interspersed with life-sustaining actions. I mean, imagine if you forgot. Whilst […]

Breathing; the Holy Grail to Health, a Supported Spine and ...

Why Your Horse needs You to Know How The warm up procedure of competitors at a show gives you a glimpse of what riders do at home. There are those who are focused on their horse; attentive to how it is feeling, systematic in their gradual increase of work intensity; […]

Warming Up and Cooling Down

When I was younger I took lessons for the flute. I had also been having lessons for the piano and the cornet. This wasn’t because I was particularly musical, and definitely not talented but probably more something akin to ADHD. The flute sticks in my mind though. After I had […]

If Riding is Art

I think you may have heard me say it before, but how you move your body everyday has a DIRECT IMPACT on how you will be able to sit in the saddle, get your body in the right position to stay synchronised with your horse and to execute the right […]

Movement Matters

  What is awareness? ‘The knowledge or perception of a situation or fact’. What is change? ‘to make or become different’.   How does this relate to riders?   Change is hard. Most of us resist it vehemently. Most of the time we can acknowledge that big change is best […]

The ABC of Riding; Awareness Before Change

If we believe that we are what we eat (which means I am actually a cupcake with a sprinkling of doughnut chromosomes), we should also believe that we are how we move, too. I believe that the way in which we move our bodies should be considered just as important […]

Move Well; Ride Well