Getting Anchored to Move Ahead

When you learnt how to ride a bicycle you needed stabilisers; extra wheels to give you support and some ‘stability’. Only then could you actually move the bicycle forwards without toppling over.

What we know about mobility within the body is that for the joints to move freely, they first must be ‘anchored’ by a strong and stable support system in the form of their responsible soft tissues.

Training a horse can only go in the right direction of moving forward if the training is anchored by having a system. 
A good system will ensure that all the steps of training are attended to in the right order.
A great system will make the basics it’s anchor. The point of stability. The springboard for progressive training. The unwaivering landmark to which you can always return, check it is still in position before moving forward again.

Lost your canter/trot transition? Head back to your anchor; trot/walk or walk/halt. Settle the anchor before moving on again.

Do you have a system really means do you have an anchor that will allow you to make progress in your training, or are you bobbing about on 20m circles at the mercy of wind and tide?