What Are You Creating?

What are you Creating?


Historically, you may have believed that to be any sort of rider you had to bleed from your eyeballs, tape up your knuckles and be ready to do battle.
Recent years has, thankfully, shown us that grace and harmony is not only possible, but actually the only acceptable way.

I like to think of each horse as a work of art, a creation that speaks in some way to the personality of his rider. This idea can be confirmed by watching the same rider on different horses; there will be some similarities in the way each one performs.

Creating art is an emotional endeavour, and training a horse is no less intense. What art you create will depend upon the emotions you pour into it. A battle hardened, tormented artist may get the job done, but rarely will they create something that people want to absorb for any length of time.

As the artist, you are responsible for the way your horse moves. The brush and the canvas are in your control.

Are you taking ownership of the creation?